100k Quad Lists & DEM Links For Each State

Author: Dan Blomberg | Last updated April 20th, 2008 at 01:41pm

Note as of January 2016: This tutorial is no longer needed; just use the topo tutorial itself. With changes the USGS has made it no longer makes sense to use these files to make Topo Maps. This article is left here for archival purposes and in case someone has a purpose for the 100K quad information. The NED links no longer function!

This article contains links to the same excel spreadsheets we use to create our detailed topo maps for each state.  The spreadsheet contains a few columns which I will detail below.  These files not only list all the 100k quads that a state contains but also have direct links to download the USGS 1/3' Arc Second NED (National Elevation Database) files for each quad.

What's In The Excel Files

The excel files contain columns A through J.  Each column is described:

The Files

Each state in the continental United States has a file (plus Washington D.C.).

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