Philmont Scout Ranch Trails Map

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Created By: mhinch
Last Updated: June 23rd, 2017 8:06am
Map Coverage:
North: 36.835°
West: -105.26° East: -104.9°
South: 36.36°
Country: United States
State: New Mexico
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Trail Data Transparent Map PC Version Available Works With Garmin


This is the output of an ongoing project to capture the official trail network at Philmont Scout Ranch outside Cimarron, NM.  The project is very dependent on the community supplying GPX traces and other forms of input and/or getting them added to

All known camps and trails have been located and mapped here as of the 2017 Treks book. If you find any missing, please let me know. You'll be saving a lot of campers a lot of trouble!


All known trail segments that are used by treks (approx 230 segments) are mapped here. But, we're not done! Each year Philmont adds and subtracts camps and trails. We need your help to keep this map up to date. See below for how to help. And if you find something wrong, misleading, ... please let us know -- you could be saving hundreds of future fellow trekkers a lot of trouble!


If you have traces from your GPS that may be of assistance, you have two choices:

Note that these tag values are very important. Only these tag values will be extracted for inclusion in the map provided here! Also, I'm interested only in "official" trails -- please do not add ranger trails, roads, ... that a conventional Philmont camper would not use. 

FYI - I will then periodically extract info from OSM using osmosis and mkgmap to create the map here. Please check the "last updated" date in the information block at the top of the screen.


The map provided here is "transparent", meaning it can be loaded on top of other (e.g., topo) maps. It is provided as an "img" file that can be directly placed on a Garmin device in the Garmin (or Maps) folder.

I welcome thoughts about other ways to process this data, things to add, problems with the map, better processing to make it more usable, ... Send me email with ideas about how to make this more useful to my fellow Philmont trekkers.

Things to do - if you would like to contribute, aside from the obvious contribution of GPS tracks of Philmont trails, please consider:

Lastly, if this map is of interest/use to you, please let me know! Are you planning on using it this summer? Did it work well? Can you suggest any changes?


June 2017 Update: Many changes made to the map especially distinguishing between single track trail (aka path) and double track (aka track) with thanks to Dennis Brown who added all that info. Philmont will sometimes route you on double track (usually abandonded 4WD roads). The trail was always there, but now you can see the type of trail somewhat better, hopefully allowing more confident navigation. I also made many small changes. However, one camp was almost a mile off of it's actual location. Please: someone MUST have noticed that! PLEASE LET ME KNOW ABOUT ANY ERRORS OR IMPROVMENTS!


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