WV ATV Trails 2015 Map

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Created By: BobT
Last Updated: January 18th, 2015 4:01pm
Map Coverage:
North: 38.2057°
West: 82.2862° East: 81.216°
South: 37.2967°
Country: United States
State: West Virginia
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     ******* Version 2015 Released Dec 29, 2014 *********

Added many trails near War, WV.  These will eventually be the new Hatfield McCoy Warrior Trail System.

Added some Outlaw Trails west of Gilbert.

Changed difficulty/color coding of a few trails due to rutting from weather.

Improved accuracy of many trails.  The vast majority of trial are accurate to 15 feet.

Fixed a trail numbering error on the HM Pocahontas Trail system.

Now has 802 tracks and 416 waypoints.

The original tracks are included so you can view them on your PC on top of a basemap.

The link below will take you to the files and instructions to use this map on Android App "OruxMaps"


This link will take you to the files and instructions to use these tracks on Android App "BackCountry Navigator"



******* Version 2014 Released June 21, 2014 *********

       Previous version was very accurate, this version is extremely accurate.

Hatfield McCoy Trails updated to latest maps.

Same more Outlaw Trails were added.





    ******* Version 2013 Released Sept 7, 2013 *********

                                                                                     Original GPS Tracks incuded on 9/10/2013

Major Changes to WV ATV Trails 2013

BobT, Sept 7, 2013

When installing please read color coding scheme


 Outlaw Trails

Hatfield McCoy 

Burning Rock –  A very nice trail system, takes 2 days to ride.  Highly recommend.

East Lynn – ridden and tracked in spring and summer of 2013.  Some trails are blocked due to tornado damage.  Shows parking areas and two gas stations.  Color coding is fairly accurate.

Bergoo – this is one system that I have not ridden.  Got tracks from someone else so color coding is very subjective.

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