WV ATV Trails 2013 Map

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Created By: BobT
Last Updated: September 30th, 2013 7:09pm
Map Coverage:
North: 38.2057°
West: 82.2862° East: 81.216°
South: 37.2967°
Country: United States
State: West Virginia
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                                                                         ******* Version 2013 Released Sept 7, 2013 *********

                                                                                     Original GPS Tracks incuded on 9/10/2013

Major Changes to WV ATV Trails 2013

BobT, Sept 7, 2013

When installing please read color coding scheme


 Outlaw Trails

Hatfield McCoy 

Burning Rock –  A very nice trail system, takes 2 days to ride.  Highly recommend.

East Lynn – ridden and tracked in spring and summer of 2013.  Some trails are blocked due to tornado damage.  Shows parking areas and two gas stations.  Color coding is fairly accurate.

Bergoo – this is one system that I have not ridden.  Got tracks from someone else so color coding is very subjective.

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