IR-IranTopo Map

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Created By: sockmonkey
Last Updated: August 31st, 2021 6:08pm
Map Coverage:
North: 39°
West: 43° East: 63°
South: 25°
Country: Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Price: Free

Topographic Data Street Data Trail Data Transparent Map PC Version Available Mac Version Available

Topo map for Iran

Open Street Map data as source for map

40 feet elevation contours with dem/3d shading from 3" SRTM data

Limitied poi's for less clutter

TYP included, user can change many visual elements with typviewer or typewiz

The "Windows" version is the .img file and can be directly copied or installed to the Garmin folder on your GPS (on older, single mapset devices mapname may need to be renamed gmapsupp.img), or copied to Orux/mapfiles folder.  Orux is available on the Google Play Store or for free at the authors website,  To view in Basecamp on Windows use the "Mac" version, after extracting and opening to mapaname.gmap, mapset can be placed in the Windows C:/ProgramData/Garmin/Maps folder (may need to un-hide and create)  or installed to Mac using it's install process.



Download Windows Version [765MB] (381 Downloads)
Download Mac Version [767MB] (178 Downloads)