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Created By: sockmonkey
Last Updated: November 23rd, 2020 1:11pm
Map Coverage:
North: 83°
West: 141° East: 58°
South: 59°
Country: Canada
Price: Free!

Topographic Data Street Data Trail Data Transparent Map PC Version Available Mac Version Available

Topo Map for the Yukon, Northwest and Nunavut Territories

Open Street Map data as source for map

40 feet elevation contours with dem/3d shading from 3" SRTM data

Limitied poi's for less clutter

TYP included, user can change many visual elements with typviewer or typewiz

The "Windows" version is the .img file and can be directly copyied to your Garmin GPS or Orux/mapfiles folder.  The "Mac" version can be installed to the windows c/programdata/garmin/maps folder (may need to un-hide)  or installed to Mac using it's install process.

Updated: Added road shields, changed some road coloring and other minor improvements

Note:  This map ended up nearly 3gb unpacked.  After unzipping the .zip file it will be necessary to unzip the .7zip file inside to get to the map files

UPDATE 11/23/20:  Disregard the note above.  There was excessive bloat with the previous map and I tracked down DEM density values which which after changing and reviewing the recompiled map appear to have little affect on the 3D and shading in BaseCamp or GPS, at about 2/3 the size.  Have also made visible state/province name which is big and bold in bc and gps, however normal size in orux 



Download Windows Version [2GB] (110 Downloads)
Download Mac Version [2GB] (62 Downloads)