Boyd's Map of New Jersey 2018 Map

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Created By: Boyd
Page Last Updated: February 6th, 2018 5:02pm
Map Coverage:
North: 41.5°
West: 75.875° East: 73.75°
South: 38.75°
Country: United States
State: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania
Price: Free

Topographic Data Street Data Trail Data Point of Interest Data Marine/Water Data

Highly detailed map covering New Jersey and portions of neighboring states, including the cities of Philadelphia, New York and Wilmington. Compatible with old and new Garmin GPS devices. Works on automotive models such as the Nuvi; you can display the topo map on the screen while using City Navigator's search and routing features.

Separate Windows, MacOS and Linux versions each include new 16 page illustrated tutorials written for beginners. One-click installer uses Garmin's newer .gmap format instead of the Windows registry (a common source of problems with some maps on this site).

You will not find any advertising at, there's nothing for sale, you don't need to register and you won't be tracked. What you will find are over 60 gigabytes of fully-documented free maps, ready to download and use.

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