UTAH ATV Trails 2016 Map

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Created By: BobT
Last Updated: July 27th, 2016 8:07pm
Map Coverage:
North: 39.0638°
West: 112.649° East: 111.68°
South: 38.1103°
Country: United States
State: Utah
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****** New Utah ATV Trails 2016, Released 7/27/16  ********

      Moab trails are a different map found on this site

                      This a major update

Link to instructions and file for Android Apps BCN and Orux




*********Paiute ATV Trails 2014, Published June, 2014**********

Previous version was very accurate but this version is extremely accurate.

The link below will take you to the files and instructions to use this map on Android App "OruxMaps"


This link will take you to the files and instructions to use these tracks on Android App "BackCountry Navigator"



******** Paiute ATV Trails 2013 ********

This is a very accurate map of the Paiute ATV Trails along with some of the more popular trails that are encompassed by the Paiute Trail System.

A lot of these trails were recently ridden and tracked.  These tracks were cleaned up using Google Earth.  The trails are numbered per the latest National Geographic #708 map.  There are no longer any duplicate trail numbers.  Gary Bushman (aka: ATVUTAH.com) helped with some of the trail updating and accuracy. 

The map includes accurate locations of the gas stations and restuarants in the cities that are within the Paiute Trail System.  The restrooms along the trail system have also been accurately located.

When installing the map you will have the choice to install the original map gps tracks onto your computer.  This is useful if you want to view the tracks in Google Earth.

When installing please read the color coding scheme.

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