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Created By: yogazoo
Last Updated: March 8th, 2009 3:03pm
Map Coverage:
North: 49.0004°
West: -116.051° East: -104.039°
South: 44.3573°
Country: United States
State: Montana
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Point of Interest Data PC Version Available Works With Garmin

UPDATED 03/08/2009: Added Rest Areas and Campgrounds to POI's

UPDATED 02-08-2009: Updated the fish data for lakes to include all species surveyed by FWP in every lake. Also added a campground database for easy locating of campgrounds in the custom POI format.

This zip-file contains a POI database (CSV files) which can be used with Garmin's POI loader. The Gamefish-Lakes POI displays comprehensive gamefish species data in over 2,000 Montana lakes. Abandon mines will show you the name of the mine and the material mined there (Gold?! Silver?! Sapphires?! etc...). Lewis and Clark campsites show the location and dates of camp occupancy. There are included .bmp files to use as icons. See instructions on Garmin's website on how to use the POI loader program. Enjoy!

Error Fixed  11/06/08: There was an error on line 1249 in the Abandon Mines .CSV file. Corrected and reposted.

UPDATE 12/11/2008: Added all Montana Fishing Access sites for Montanas rivers. Also added Springs, Streams, Summits, Waterfalls, and Glaciers with icons.  

Download Windows Version [356kB] (8464 Downloads)