Alpine Loop Trails, CO Map

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Created By: eaparks
Last Updated: March 26th, 2012 8:03pm
Map Coverage:
North: 38.4657°
West: 107.99° East: 107.07°
South: 37.6278°
Country: United States
State: Colorado
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Alpine Loop OHV, ATV, & Hiking Trails in Lake City, Silverton, and Ourah, CO area. 

Map contains 168 POIs consisting of:  9 Mtn. Peaks, 6 Lakes, 3 Waterfalls, 18 Mines, 7 Scenic Overlooks, 4 Restrooms, 3 Parking/Staging Areas, Lake City Hospital, 2 Campgrounds, plus several other POIs.

2-16-10 - original v1.0

3-26-2012 - v1.1.  No change in any of the map data, map was made as an EZ Install download.

8-21-13 - Added Map image.

Trails are color coded by difficulty:

- Yellow line                                  = the main loop road thru Engineers Pass & Cinnamon Pass and a couple of other main roads

- Green line                                   = Easiest Trails (includes gravel roads)

- Blue line                                      = Intermediate Trails

- Red line                                       = Difficult Trails

- Red and Black Dashed line    =  Extremely Difficult Trails

- Red Dots and Dashes             = Hiking Trails

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