Sierra Raster Topo Map

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Created By: Stoaty
Last Updated: April 11th, 2009 11:04pm
Map Coverage:
North: 38.375°
West: 120° East: 118°
South: 36.125°
Country: United States
State: California
Price: Free

Topographic Data Raster Based Map PC Version Available Easy Installer Available Mac Version Available Works With Garmin

1:24000 raster topo map of the Sierra Nevada primarily of interest to hikers and backpackers.  Created by John Hollenberg with Moagu and data downloaded from scanned topos from the USGS seamless server.  The raster topo exactly matches paper topo maps and printed maps created with National Geographic Topo, making it very easy to find your exact position on the paper topo by visually matching the shapes of the contour lines at your location. 

The area covered extends from the Golden Trout Wilderness in the South to Yosemite and the Emigrant Wilderness in the North.  The map is comprised of 120  7.5 minute quads and covers over 6,000 square miles.  Below is an an overview map showing all of the quads in their proper position and a listing of all of the quads included in the map.

Note:  Since the entire map is approximately 3 GB, only about 2/3 of it will fit on one micro SD card.  If you want to carry the whole map with you, the only way to do this is to put it on two micro SD cards (with some overlap so you will never be at the edge).

This map will take time to load both in MapSource and your Garmin GPS units.  The map is slower than normal vector maps and only visible when zoomed in to 0.5mi + on highest detail.  The map is optimally viewed at 500ft zoom.

Download Windows Version [928MB] (3469 Downloads)
Download Mac Version [927MB] (1575 Downloads)

Here is a screenshot of the map at 0.3mi zoom in MapSource:

In addition, this image shows the coverage (click for a large scale version):

This is a text list of quads covered by this raster map: