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The legendary nineteenth century topographic maps from the Geological Survey of New Jersey by geologist George H Cook and topographer C. C. Vermeule are presented in this all-new seamless map of Southern New Jersey, processed with precision georeferencing that offers much higher accuracy than you might expect from a vintage map. Precision georeferencing involved matching over 4,000 ground control points on eight atlas sheets with high resolution contemporary data. Instead of merely aligning the overall map area, this process actually stretches and squeezes each scanned map image on the macro level to match individual roads, correcting errors on the original map. And these remarkable maps (originally created between 1885-1890) offer a wealth of detail not found on any USGS topo maps, including the twentieth century 24k maps. Landcover is depicted graphically with little trees that show the mixture of deciduous and coniferous trees in the forest. Cleared areas such as fields are also shown, including little details such as windbreaks on the perimeter. The original maps, drawn at a scale of one inch equals one mile (1:63,360) are available as 300 dot per inch scans from the New Jersey Environmental Digital Library at Rutgers University. These images were georeferenced, cropped, color corrected, stitched into a seamless map and exported at a resolution of 12 feet per pixel by the author. They were then converted to a universal Mobile Atlas Creator map. Mobile Atlas Creator (a free open source program for Windows, MacOS and Linux) can export any portion of the map for Garmin and Magellan handheld GPS units in addition to over two dozen apps on Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux. A newly-revised 60 page tutorial is included with the map. It's written for beginners and guides you through each step of installing and using the map with your favorite apps and GPS devices. For Garmin users who just want something simple, a second version of the map is also available in "custom map" (.kmz) format. Just drag and drop the files on your GPS and head out to the woods! This version is also compatible with Basecamp and Google Earth. For maximum compatibility with Garmin's custom map format, this version was processed at a lower resolution, but it should be adequate for many purposes and it's a 75 MB download where the full "HD" version is 2 GB. Visit the link below to view screenshots, read the documentation and download the maps. You will not find any advertising at, there's nothing for sale, you don't need to register and you won't be tracked. What you will find are over 60 gigabytes of fully-documented free maps, ready to download and use.
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