River2River Trail: Multi-day hike: Lusk Creek Area Map

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Created By: Jeepers-Gasfree
Last Updated: June 5th, 2020 9:06am
Map Coverage:
North: 37.5811°
West: -88.5972° East: -88.4699°
South: 37.5149°
Country: United States
State: Illinois
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Topographic Data Street Data Trail Data Garmin Custom Map (kmz Imagery) PC Version Available Mac Version Available

KMZ file using a map provided by the River to River Trail Society of the Shawnee National Forest. PDF versions of the Multi-day trail maps and trail guides are available at


The file was geo-tagged using Google Earth Pro and tiled using MKZFactory.

Visit River2River Trail: Multi-day hike: Lusk Creek Area To Download.

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