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Created By: Boyd
Page Last Updated: February 11th, 2018 12:02pm
Map Coverage:
North: 40.135°
West: 75.9° East: 73.98°
South: 38.866°
Country: United States
State: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
Price: Free

Topographic Data Street Data Trail Data Point of Interest Data Marine/Water Data Garmin Custom Map (kmz Imagery) PC Version Available Mac Version Available

Coverage of Southern New Jersey with portions of Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Extreme detail at 3 feet per pixel in the New Jersey Pinelands. Many exclusive features; 1500 miles of unpaved roads and 13,000 buildings hand-traced from aerial imagery, tax parcels, LIDAR contours at two foot intervals, 1,700 historical buildings hand-traced from the USGS Historical Topo Map Collection and more.

Full hydrography from the USGS as well as NJDEP, rendered in the same style as classic USGS topo maps. High resolution forest shading and openspace boundaries.

Standard GNIS Points of Interest along with NGS benchmarks, USGS stream gaging stations, extractive mining locations, and hundreds of POI's from the USGS Historical Topo Map Collection.

Available in a universal format that works on Garmin handheld GPS units and over a dozen apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Just install the free open source Mobile Atlas Creator program on your computer and export any portion of the map for your favorite app. A thirty page illustrated tutorial, written for beginners, will walk you through every step of installing and using the software.

A separate download is also avaialable in Garmin's Custom Map format for those who only want to use the map on a Garmin handheld. Just drop the files into the CustomMaps folder on your GPS. Unfortunately Garmin does not support the full feature set of the universal version and also imposes some strict limits on how much of the map you can install on the GPS.

If you've never used your phone as a GPS, download the separate "light" version of the map. An illustrated tutorial for beginners will get you up and running in just a few minutes with free trials of several popular apps.

You will not find any advertising at, there's nothing for sale, you don't need to register and you won't be tracked. What you will find are over 60 gigabytes of fully-documented free maps, ready to download and use.

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