Eclipse Path - 21 Aug 2017 Map

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Created By: kirkw3
Last Updated: January 27th, 2017 11:01am
Map Coverage:
North: 45.365°
West: -164.505° East: -36.81°
South: 13.4767°
Country: United States
State: Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wyoming
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Transparent Map PC Version Available Works With Garmin


    This map is a transparent overlay of the path of the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017.  It shows closely calculated estimates of the centerline, north boundary, and south boundary.  This overlay is intended to be displayed on top of a user's ordinary map and will show the eclipse path with respect to the cities, highways, and landmarks depicted in the ordinary map.

    Feel free to use this map and to pass it on to other people, but please read and pass along this disclaimer, too:

    NOTICE:  This eclipse path map is a close approximation but is NOT exact.

This eclipse path map for Garmin devices was created based on eclipse boundary points calculated well in advance of the event by NASA/GSFC's Fred Espenak and published in limited precision at The map should ensure that someone reasonably inside the displayed eclipse path should witness totality.  It has been spot checked with Espenak's Google map and appears to coincide with his map usually within about 150 yards (most deviations in the western U.S. are south of Espenak's curves), although some deviations by as much as 390 yards were noted.  This variation is significant to viewers situated near the edge of the path.  Those users are advised to consider the north and south limit lines as approximate when viewed at high zoom levels.  This map's eclipse path curves were interpolated from a limited collection of fixed points and further rounding errors may have occurred during the compilation of the Garmin map.  Even Espenak cautions that his own curves are approximate, and do not include the effects of the lunar limb profile.  His predictions may therefore differ from the actual eclipse path by 1 - 3 km (0.6 to 1.9 miles).  Therefore, those wishing to witness unique edge effects (Baily's beads, extended diamond ring, chromosphere display, etc.) should NOT use the curves of this map to position themselves at the precise edge boundaries of the eclipse path.  This map's accuracy is not sufficient.  Instead, those people should consult an accurate scientific reference just prior to the time of the eclipse, as highly accurate data cannot be calculated well in advance due to uncertainties in celestial motions.

    Also included as a separate file is a manually-created .gpx file of the track of the centerline only.

    To use this map, unzip the file (if applicable) and copy the file "Eclipsepath21Aug2017.img" to the "Garmin" folder on the removable SD card in the Garmin GPS device.  (Be careful not to overwrite any files already there.)  It should also be possible to copy the file to internal memory provided the file does not share the same name as any other existing file.  Then turn on the device normally and go to the main screen.  In many devices, go to the Setup menu and select the "Map" and/or "Map Information/Select Map" options.  Two or more maps can be displayed simultaneously on modern devices; on the list of available maps, ensure that "Eclipse Path" and a general map of the area of interest are both enabled.  Return to the main menu and view the map.  The eclipse path will be superimposed on the other map.

    This map was created and compiled by GPSFileDepot member kirkw3 from data calculated by NASA/GSFC's Fred Espenak and published on NASA's government website.  Data was parsed and organized with custom-written software and MapEdit++ and compiled with mkgmap-r3676 on July 30, 2016 to August 03, 2016.  While believed to be accurate, the author assumes no responsibility for this map file's use/misuse or any consequential damages.


Changes: Jan. 27, 2017  Minor edits and additions to map description text file to duplicate wording on this web page, referenced this web page in map description text file.  Map description text file name now reads "Read_me-eclipse_path_description.txt".


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