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Page Last Updated: November 19th, 2018 8:11am
Map Coverage:
North: 61°
West: -8.5° East: 2°
South: 49.75°
Country: United Kingdom
Price: GBP20

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Garmin users in Britain have had to choose between Ordnance Survey detail at high prices or maps based on Open Street Map (as Garmin's Topo Lite is) which, in many areas, lack the topographical detail for safe navigation in open country.

This map is available at a price of GBP10 download as a Black Friday special offer (normally GBP20). The maps have more topographical detail than Garmin Topo Lite and are a fraction of the price of OS maps of comparable detail.

One map (650MB download) covers the whole of England, Wales and Scotland - from St Kilda to the Scillys. Updated on 7 April to show selected Rights of Way where that data is available.

There is a free download of the Peak District to try before you buy. A single version is available for Windows and Mac.

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