Rush Offroad Map

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Created By: hobbz
Last Updated: November 26th, 2014 3:11pm
Map Coverage:
North: 38.3667°
West: 82.7833° East: 82.7°
South: 38.3°
Country: United States
State: Kentucky
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Rush Off-Road is a 3100+ acre tract of land with more than 50 miles of trails.  Our mission is to provide a Fun, Safe, and Friendly off roading experience, accessible to all off road enthusiasts.  Trails consist of novice, intermediate, and advanced levels. There are smooth wide trails for the beginners and challenging hill climbs for the more advanced riders. There are three ponds on the property that will offer fishing, with one that is easily accessible from the trail head. The trail head will be located within 15 minutes of I-64 exit 185 via Route 3 to Four Mile Rd.



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