Prentice Cooper WMA Trails v2.0, TN Map

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Created By: eaparks
Last Updated: August 19th, 2012 7:08pm
Map Coverage:
North: 35.1795°
West: 85.5145° East: 85.365°
South: 35.033°
Country: United States
State: Tennessee
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Prentice Cooper WMA Trails v2.0, located approximatetly 8 miles West of Chattangooga, TN.  Map has 75 miles of OHV / ATV trails and includes 95 POIs for Parking/Staging Areas, Foodplots, Scenic Overlooks, Pond, Official Buildings, and other points of interest.  Trails are closed to all OHV / ATV traffic during Prentice Cooper WMA designated hunting times.  Check locally for open trails before going there to ride.

10-24-11 - v1.0 Original version

8-19-12 - v2.0 improved accuracy of Sheep Rock Rd. and Hemlock Branch Rd. and added 1 new trail between Maple Branch and Short Creek Rds.

8-21-13 - Added Map image

Trails are color coded per trail difficulty, as follows:  (see readme.txt file, also).

Yellow line      - Tower Drive (main gravel road)

Green line      - Easiest Trails (includes gravel roads)

Blue line        -  Intermediate Trails

Before installing Prentice Cooper WMA Trails v2.0, manually uninstall my previous version if you had downloaded and installed it from

Download Windows Version [186kB] (2575 Downloads)