Snowdon, North Wales Map

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Last Updated: March 30th, 2011 7:03am
Map Coverage:
North: 53.206°
West: -4.247° East: -3.787°
South: 52.936°
Country: United Kingdom
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 Snowdon at 3500 feet is the highest peak in Wales and is surrounded by a wealth of outdoor activity options, including challenging mountain climbing.

Footpath information is from Open Street map and paths are not necessarily public rights of way. 

The data is from British National Grid squares SH54,55,56,64,65,66,74,75,76. The British Grid is not aligned to true north here; the KMZ file will display correctly on Garmin units but may not in Basecamp.

The KMZ file contains 90 map tiles.

Contains data copyright Ordnance Survey 2010 and Open Street Map and Contributors.

(Opendata licence)

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