Minnesota Lake Depths Map

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Country: United States
State: Minnesota
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Marine/Water Data Transparent Map Works With Garmin

This Garmin GPS map-set contains lake-depth contour maps of many
many hundreds of Minnesota USA lakes. 1159 lakes to be exact.
With 5ft. to 20ft. contours-intervals being typical. Some shallow
lakes and bays having even smaller contour intervals of 1 ft.
This is a transparent map so you may load it into your GPS unit
along with other maps and then using your GPS device's "Map
Setup" options to Show or Hide it overlaid on your other map-
sets. It works particularly well when used in conjunction with
the free high-resolution Minnesota 24K Topo map from
www.gpsfiledepot.com. With this lake-depth map being transparent
it then allows all the contour lines of all islands from the topo
map to show through properly.

Visit Minnesota Lake Depths To Download.

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