Moccasin Gap Trails, AR Map

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Created By: eaparks
Last Updated: June 30th, 2010 2:06pm
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North: 35.6009°
West: 93.1394° East: 93.0437°
South: 35.5426°
Country: United States
State: Arkansas
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Moccasin Gap Trails north of Russellville, AR on Hwy. 7.  There are 4 main trails consisting of a total of 28 miles.  These 4 main trails are color coded with a custom .typ file to match the actual trail markers on the trails and on the Moccasin Gap U.S. Forestry Paper Map.  POIs are on the map for trail intersections, ponds, and scenic overlooks.  In addition to the 4 main trails there are several more miles of trails SE from Mac's Pines and at Deer, AR.  Trails are used for ATVs, hiking, biking, & horseback riding. Updated map 10-25-08, added auto-installer 6-30-10.

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