Wyoming Landusage Map

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Created By: -Oz-
Last Updated: October 2nd, 2008 9:10pm
Map Coverage:
North: 45.1181°
West: -111.162° East: -104.043°
South: 40.9872°
Country: United States
State: Wyoming
Price: Free!

Transparent Map PC Version Available Easy Installer Available Mac Version Available Works With Garmin


This map was designed with hunters in mind.  This map is semi-transparent so it overlays on top of any other maps you have (City Navigator, Garmin's Topo, or the Wyoming Topo).  This map is created for Garmin GPS receivers and MapSource.


This map has 17 different land types which are represented by different colors/patterns; hovering over them in mapsource/your gps will also display the owner.

  1. NPS National Park/Monument
  2. NPS National Recreation Area/Historic Site
  3. USFS National Forest
  4. USFS National Grassland
  5. USFS Wilderness Area/Scenic River
  6. USFS Research Natural/Special Interest Area
  7. USFS National Recreation Area
  8. National Wildlife Refuge
  9. Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
  10. Department of Defense (DoD)
  11. Indian Reservation
  12. Wyoming State Land
  13. State Park
  14. State Wildlife Habitat Management Area
  15. Private Lands (white diagonal lines)
  16. Nature Conservancy Preserve
  17. Open Water


This map covers the entire state of Wyoming.


Below are a couple examples of this map on a Garmin 60csx.  On the left is a zoomed out version that shows multiple types of land (looks better on the actual GPS).  On the right is an example where you can see some contours lines through the grid.


Below is a picture of the map in MapSource 6.14.X (white is private land):


Two options exist; for windows download and run setup. The map will then appear in Garmin MapSource and can be added to your GPS by selecting it in MapSource and sending it to the GPSr. For Mac download the mac version, extract it and double click the .gmapi file.  Map Manager will then install the map for you.

Version 1.0 Released 2 Oct 08
Download Windows Version [5MB] (4850 Downloads)
Download Mac Version [5MB] (1825 Downloads)

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GPS Usage

This map can be installed with any other Garmin Maps (How-To Tutorial). Then you simply hide and show other maps until you see the Wyoming Landuse Map; you can leave it on at all times since it is transparent. For more detailed instructions check out this tutorial.

Support The Effort

Although this map is free, and always will be if you find the map useful please consider making a donation to offset software, hardware, and hosting costs.

* You don't need paypal to donate but that is who will process the donation.

If you can't donate (or even if you can) another great way to help is by providing data for this map or other maps. If you have data please contact me.


One resource was used to create this map: