NM Land Usage Map

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Created By: orey
Last Updated: March 20th, 2010 6:03pm
Map Coverage:
North: 37.0006°
West: 109.05° East: 103.002°
South: 31.3316°
Country: United States
State: New Mexico
Price: Free

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This is a transparent overlay map that shows data from the New Mexico BLM surface ownership data.  This map will overlay color coded cross hatches over the entire state.  The custom TYP file uses single hashes for BLM, NM state, and USFS land, and cross hashes for private, reservation, etc.  Colors were an attempt to match the paper maps as close as possible, but modified to display better in my Legend.  Labels match the BLM abbreviations.  The dozen or so polygons in the data that had blank ownership fields were converted to private to err on the safe side.  There was at least one polygon that did not get filled, and I don't have a map of the area to fill it in appropriately. 

I used this data javalina hunting in the SW this spring, and it matched the new BLM maps we purchased for the areas we were in.  I did notice differences between the data and the soft copy BLM maps online, but I think they are older than the hard copy maps. 

Disclaimer: This data was taken directly from the New Mexico Bureau of Land Management website. The data was then translated into a Garmin compatible format. As with any data conversion, errors may have been introduced along the way.  It is your resposibility to verify land ownership boundaries before using.



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