Haiti - Port-au-Prince area - kmz topos Map

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Last Updated: January 26th, 2010 10:01am
Map Coverage:
North: 18.59°
West: -72.43° East: -72.27°
South: 18.5°
Country: Haiti
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Garmin Custom Map (kmz Imagery) PC Version Available Mac Version Available Works With Garmin

The following .kmz image files for the Port-au-Prince area were created from
geopdf files downloaded from NGA's public Haiti relief website.
Note: Garmin GPSr units are currently limited to 100 cells. 

pap250.kmz   - 1:250000 JOGA/1501 topo maps  CI=in feet for 100m/sup50m
               21.2m/pixel  (20 cells)  view=5 mi to 300 ft
pap050.kmz   - 1:50000 topo maps  CI=20m/sup=10m
                4.3m/pixel  (77 cells)  view=0.8 mi to 50 ft
pap012b.kmz  - 1:12500 sheet 2 topo map with collar data  CI=10m/sup=5m
                2.2m/pixel  (54 cells)  view=0.5 mi to 30 ft
pap012bc.kmz - 1:12500 sheet 2 & west pt of sheet 3 topo map (collar clipped)
                2.2m/pixel  (98 cells)  view=0.3 mi to 20 ft

haiti250.kmz - 1:250000 JOGA/1501 topo maps resampled to 44m/pixel (48cells)
  to include the entire country in one .kmz file the 5 sheets were resampled
                                        view=8 mi to 500 ft

Images of most of the 1:50000 sheets covering Haiti are available.
Single sheet city data at 1:12500 is available for:
  Aquin (1:10000)
  Cap Haitien
  Petit Goave (1:10000)
  Port de Paix
  Saint Marc 
Port-au-Prince is in 4 sheets; however sheet 1 (north of sheet 2) is available
 only in .jpg format at a reduced resolution of about 6m/pixel


Images at small scales will cover an area larger than given in the map boundaries.



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