Island Beach State Park, New Jersey Map

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Created By: Boyd
Last Updated: October 17th, 2009 9:10pm
Map Coverage:
North: 39.9106°
West: 74.1723° East: 74.0262°
South: 39.753°
Country: United States
State: New Jersey
Price: free

Raster Based Map Garmin Custom Map (kmz Imagery) PC Version Available Mac Version Available Works With Garmin


Garmin custom map of Island Beach State Park in Ocean County New Jersey created from NJ 2007 digital orthophotography downloaded from This map is only compatible with the Garmin Oregon, Dakota and Colorado series using the current beta firmware. Map consists of a .kmz file with 95 tiles @ 1024x1024 pixels each. Mapped area is approximately 2.7 miles x 10 miles (270 square miles) at a resolution of  2.8 feet per pixel.

This file is compatible with both Macs and Windows machines. Unzip and drop into your CustomMaps folder on the GPS. File can also be viewed with Google Earth, or any other software which supports .kmz files. Not compatible with Mapsource.

Screenshots below are from an Oregon 400t


Download Garmin Custom Map [12MB] (1429 Downloads)