Northeast Topo United States Part 3 of 3 Map

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Created By: John_M
Last Updated: May 3rd, 2009 5:05pm
Map Coverage:
North: 40°
West: -84° East: -72°
South: 37°
Country: United States
State: Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia
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Topographic Data Street Data Trail Data Point of Interest Data PC Version Available Easy Installer Available Works With Garmin

Northeast Topo United States Part 3 of 3
Last Updated: May 4th, 2009 16:00pm

Map Boundary:
North: 40°
South: 37°
West: -84°
East: -72°
Country: United States
States: All of  Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, and West Virginia

Parts of  Indiana, Kentucky,  Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia

Price: Free

Map Features:

Topographic Data

Street Data

    * Roads - Interstates, highways, arterial roads, residential roads, limited unpaved roads

    * Railroads

    * High resolution water data - lakes, rivers, streams, and washes

    * Federal Land Usage - Wilderness area, national parks, and military bases/ranges, native american reservations

    * Borders - County and state boundary lines

    * Elevation contours - 20ft intervals

    * GNIS Points of Interest - summits, mines, falls, dams, cemeteries, towers, populated places, etc.

    * 4 Grid Segments to the dergee - no segment larger than 7mb most less then 2mb in size

The img file names do have meaning.

Position 1 and 2    The block number. Blocks 4 degree by 4 degree parts I have divided the map in to.


Position 3 and 4   The Latitude of the Northwest corner  of the square

Position 5, 6 and 7   The Longitude of the Northwest corner  of the square


Position 8     A number 1 to 4 showing what quarter of the degree the img file map is of . 1 is the Northwest, 2 is the Northeast, 3 is the Southwest, and 4 is the Southeast,


Part 3  Download Windows Version [469MB] (30498 Downloads)