Contour Maps of the UK and Republic of Ireland Map

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Created By: Indrid Cold
Page Last Updated: June 27th, 2009 7:06pm
Map Coverage:
North: 61°
West: -11° East: 2°
South: 49°
Country: Ireland, United Kingdom
Price: Free!

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This page provides information about the contour maps which are available as a free download.

A Dedication from Dave Storey, who compiled the maps: Dave Storey's father, Bert Storey, died suddenly, at home, on 22/January/2006, at the age of 78. This page is dedicated to his memory, and to all the others who have gone before us - truly we can achieve what we do only because of them ...

This page is also, following the suggestion of Dave Storey, respectfully dedicated to the memory of SMC member Rob Milne, who died of a heart attack on Mt Everest in June 2005. Rob encouraged Dave to compile the data, and tested early results.



Includes Names, Trig Points, summits & hills as POI's

For versions that include autorouting OpenStreetMap data, visit this link.

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