New England Topo Map

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Created By: savage
Last Updated: February 7th, 2009 2:02pm
Map Coverage:
North: 47.5°
West: 74° East: 66°
South: 41°
Country: United States
State: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont
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- Initial release of the New England topo map
- Indian Reservations
- Contour lines set to 40' interval
- Improved contour lines using more recent elevation data (use real 10m instead of interpolated data)
- Use 2008 census data
- Appalachian trail
- Federal land
- States and Counties border

This map was created by Savage and a more recent version may be available at New England Topo by GameAndFish Network

GPSFileDepot offers you a mac and windows download of v1.00:
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