GPS Image Hosting

GPSFileDepot is proud to allow people to host their GPS receiver related images on its server. This services is provided so people can host screenshots, pictures, satellite coverage maps, etc for free. This service should not be used to host personal images of any sort.

We also allow you to specify a small message (optional) that will be included at the bottom of your image. Most people use it to say what GPS unit they're using and/or what firmware version it has. Including a date also isn't a bad idea. Also, members are allowed to name their image so that they may easily find it in their Members area. Not a member? Register today!

Allowed types: .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif

Q: What type of image do I get with Garmin's xImage?
A: Screenshots from Garmin's xImage are in a .bmp form. This form is not friendly to the web so our system will automatically convert it to a jpeg for you. No modifications are neccessary to upload your image.

Q: Are there any member benefits with this tool?
A: Yes, members can view all the images they've hosted and are provided with urls so they may continue to reuse the images. This works great for forums. In addition, members are able to not have the bar if they so choose. Also, non-member images may be deleted after a certain time.