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Created By: robjloranger
Page Last Updated: July 26th, 2014 8:07am
Map Coverage:
North: 50.9375°
West: -129.125° East: -123.062°
South: 48.3125°
Country: Canada
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a map of vancouver island and surrounding islands; contours at 10m, roads/resource roads, trails, parks, lakes/rivers/reservoirs, placenames and more to come.

***v1.38 changelog - released sept. 3, 2013

*park updates; mt. work, most trails have been added thanks to the work of Gerry with the Cordova Bay Hikers. as well as a missing trail in the sea to sea regional park reserve.

*** v1.37 changelog - released may 31, 2013

                          *fixed up coastline error in Campbell River

*** v1.36 changelog - released feb. 23, 2013

*new coastline, fixing rivers and streams meeting it as well as accuracy of coast line

*park updates; gowlland tod, lone tree, thetis lake, layritz, glendale gardens, camosun interurban. including added parking lots (only free ones, none of the payed lots), removed old closed trails, private property infringements and dangerous trails (specifically in gowlland tod, where i personally witnessed large falling boulders).

*** v1.35 changelog

*actually fixed zoom levels on lines

*actually removed labels on minor contours

*fine tuned south island powerlines, added some power stations

*fixed rapids showing as dams, and improperly displayed large river rapids/waterfalls

*changed styles for resource roads, trails, roads and dissapearing streams.

*** v1.3 changelog

*tuned up some rivers at coastline

*added remaining provincial parks

*added railroad

*adjusted line thickness and colors for better visibility

*fixed zoom levels

*removed contour labels on minor lines to reduce clutter

*** v1.2 changelog

*added more islands near north-east island

*replaced road data, now has many more resource/logging/dirt/access roads

*changed contour labels from feet to meters

*fixed lakes not displaying correctly in basecamp

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