MT Landowner Map 2014 (Cadastral) Map

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Created By: yogazoo
Last Updated: May 3rd, 2014 3:05pm
Map Coverage:
North: 49.0004°
West: -116.051° East: -104.039°
South: 44.3573°
Country: United States
State: Montana

Transparent Map PC Version Available Works With Garmin

Updated with fresh data for 2014! Improved visibility in Day and Night modes!

This mapset will depict parcel boundaries and owner name of land parcels, public and private, in the state of Montana. This map is a transparent overlay with transparent parcel polygons. It will overlay nicely over your topo or street maps. The parcel boudaries are represented by a white and black dashed line. You can view the parcel owner(s) name by moving the pointer on your GPS screen over the parcel you wish to query.

NOTE: The map was designed to be viewed at closer zoom levels. The zoom level it becomes visible is customizable by your (map detail settings on your GPS; normal, more, most. etc.)


This map is now hosted on it's own website! Please visit to download the installer file:



The download file below only contains the old POI file and is not the new Garmin mapset. Thanks

Download Windows Version [250B] (3013 Downloads)