Paiute OHV / ATV Trails v1.1, UT Map

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Created By: eaparks
Last Updated: April 2nd, 2012 2:04pm
Map Coverage:
North: 39.6144°
West: 112.675° East: 110.133°
South: 37.2516°
Country: United States
State: Utah
Price: Free

Trail Data Point of Interest Data Transparent Map PC Version Available Easy Installer Available Works With Garmin

Paiute OHV / ATV GPS map for trails in Utah and surrounding area including trails to/from Paiute to Bryce Canyon, Tropic Reservoir, Gooseberry, Circleville, and Arapeen.  More than 2,000 miles of trails.

9-23-09 - origanal version

3-31-11 - Added EZ Install for Mapsource, cleaned up tracks/trails, added a few additional POIs, 20 gas station POIs.

4-4-11 - Thanks to Gary Bushman ( for providing updates.  Removed trails "P 77d" and "P 71" due to crossing on to private property.  Added a new trail "P 77d Bullion Falls".  Added a new POI for "Marysvale Miner Park".

4-2-12 - version 1.1.  Thanks to K. Dastrup for providing trail updates improving the accuracy of trails: P 53b, P 33east1, P 33east2, P 33east3, P 33east4, and P 54.  Removed trail P 5997.  Before installing this new map, "Paiute Trails v1.1", you should uninstall "Paiute Trails", if you had installed it.

8-21-13 - Added Map image

Trails are colored coded by difficulty: (can also be viewed in Readme.txt file)
  - White line with red border        = Property Boundaries; ie... Paiute, etc
  - Yellow line                                   = the main Paiute Trail 01 loop
  - Green line                                   = Easiest Trails (includes gravel roads)
  - Blue line                                      = Intermediate Trails
  - Red line                                       = Difficult Trails
  - Red and Black Dashed line    = Extremely Difficult Trails

Please email me with any corrections that need to be made or additional POIs that would be good to add to the map, thank you.

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